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When Basic Bitches/Bros go on "adventures" and post all over social media to advertise themselves as someone who does more than just nature walks. Trail Trotters shy away from hikes that have steep inclines, rough terrain, or anything that may not allow them to dress up for the pictures taken along the way. You may notice them post about "how much they love going on adventures" or "how they basically live in the forest".

Trail Trotter comes from the word "Trot" which means to "go or walk briskly" as well as having the meaning "diarrhea" because they are society's shit hikers, as they litter the trails or hikes with inconvenience as hikers can not walk past them because they have to stop and take a "selfie".
Did you see Jenna's Instagram photo? She said she loves going on adventures.... That hike is only a mile long, and she's wearing ugs. Jenna is such a Trail Trotter (or Trail Trot).
by Lwrnr March 17, 2015
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