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TradeBack is a commonly used term to describe 'cashback' loyalty schemes used in Financial markets such as: Spread Betting, CFD trading and FOREX trading.

The concept is based on the 'stake x spread/margin' for each trade, and a rebate (usually between 5% & 15%) is paid to the customer one month in arrears.
E.G. Stake (£2/pip) x Spread (5 pips) = £10 bet. On a 10% tradeback deal = £1 cashback or tradeback goes to the customer.
by Trader Jim October 19, 2009
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Anytime somebody makes a trade they have qualms about they tend to do a tradeback in which they get back what they'd initially traded.
"I don't want these cards anymore, let's tradeback."
"Fucking noob."
by Shinji Mimura April 29, 2006
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