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Tracky Bs noun

Tracksuit Bottoms - an item of clothing one would typically wear round the house, at the gym, going to do the grocery shopping or any other mundane task.

However, tracky bs are commonly worn by chavs (or snaffs) for all activities as they see at as formal dress-wear.

The snaff will typically hang around on the street corner with a bottle of cheap vodka in their tracky bs, go to weddings and funerals in their tracky bs, go to work/job centre in their tracky bs and so on. Tracky Bs are a chavs favourite item of clothing along with fake Burberry and Timberlands
Normal Person: "Got my tracky bs on, time for the gym!"

Normal Person: "I'm going to the chippy, where are my tracky bs?"
by theKingMage February 04, 2014
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