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A conspiracy made none other than by gm (government motors) or chrysler. And is further fueled by people who all of a sudden decide to jam their accelerators or floor mats under the pedals, thus causing "unintended" acceleration, while NOT choosing to shift into neutral, because they want to be on the six o'clock news to smear Toyota because they are all just a bunch of money and attention whores.
Bob: Hey, did you hear about the Toyota Recall?

Jim: Oh yeah, my buddy James who is full of shit jammed his pedal to the metal on his Prius.

Bob: OH MY, is he alright?

Jim: Yeah, just pending litigation.
by Banstaman April 12, 2010
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When you are fucking the bitch so hard that you cant stop wont stop (like you're a toyota prius/camary).
The bitch wanted to leave but my boy Amol Toyota recalled that bitch!

Arnold from total recall totally Toyota recalled that bitch because everyday hes cuming.
by Toyoda Jeet March 05, 2010
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