Kasumi Toyama is from the hit game 'BanG Dream Girls Band Party' shes known for being very energetic and is on guitar and vocals in her band Poppin'Party. She is also dating arisa ichigaya, a very fruity MF who wont admit she likes kasumi.
Girl 1: Look its Kasumi Toyama!
Girl 2: oh my gosh yes it is!
by catgirlraquelle April 12, 2021
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Kasumi toyama (戸山 香澄) Kasumi goes to Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy. She is in year first, her liked food are French fries and white rice, her disliked food are natto, her zodiac is a cancer. She is the vocalist and guitarist of poppin’ party, she has a younger sister.
bandori fan 1: who is your favorite poppin party character?
bandori fan 2: I love Kasumi Toyama!
by Pareokinnie August 24, 2021
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Luka Toyama is a sleng for confort serbian tiktok famous. People with that username are really amazing, they play genshin impact and look like Tubbo from dsmp (sorry not sorry).
-Hey do you know that tiktok famous Luka Toyama?

-Oh yeah i'm his mutal but i'm scared to talk with him.
by rjuk July 17, 2021
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