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Townies and Chavs are often seen hanging round in groups of 2-25. You rarely see a chav or townie alone, he/she will travel in a "gang". Words these people like to use are "Yo, innit, brap, blud, blad, safe, wot, ooo no, ah, ohrite" etc. The typical female wears tracksuits, things enblazened with glitter and "diamonds", giant hoop earrings, white/black trainers taht are usually Nike, Adidas or Reebok. You will sometimes see a female townie hanging round with the other chavs or townies and just generally hanging outside chip shops across the UK. These girls will usually wear their hair completely flat with hair gels, sprays etc. and will have it in a side-ponytail.
The male will wear tracksuits (Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Lacoste), a baseball cap that matches the tracksuit and trainers that match too. Their head can be shaven with a weird pattern on the side. He will also wear lots of "bling" (gold chains, watches, earring etc. but the gold is usually fake)
Both males and females will carry round mobile phones, playing loud chav/townie music (usually some dance music, or hip-hop or R&B). They will sit at the back of the bus annoying people by talking loudly, playing loud music, shouting at people and pratting about.
Chavs/townies come usually in ages 3-30.
A female chav is called a Chavette
A male is called a chav
A child 10 and under is a mini-chav
A baby aged 3 months-1 year is a chavlet.
Chavs and townies love to wear burberry, sports brands,etc.
Chavettes will sometimes be pregnant at the age of 16-18
Chavs will be seen in bushes smoking/doing drugs
Or round play areas looking "hard"
Ali G
Vicky Pollard from Little Britain are townie/chav
by TickTockItsARock December 02, 2007
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