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A small town or large village (depends how you look at it) in north-east England. It's mainly full of murderers and drunks. Many people who aren't from the area fear the place as if Satan had created it. People from Tow Law realise that it's not that bad due to the recent opening of a Co-op and a Greggs.

Has a large Pikey presence but they're pretty mellowed out.
Person not from Tow Law: "I had my car fitted with armor plates so I could briefly drive through Tow Law! I'm positive I saw someone getting eaten by savage Pikeys!!"

Person from Tow Law: "Hey Pikeys, want to go to Greggs or the Co-op? I'm starving."
by Ub3r_Dr4g0n_5l4y3r_ May 31, 2011
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