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Tourtext Syndrome affects the majority of youth culture, as well as cool hipsters as old as Jack Nicholson. It is characterized by texttics, which are texts "that occur intermittently and unpredictably within a body of normal texting." Tourtext's occur quite frequently, when one is either inebriated or half-asleep. These texttics frequently include obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks (AKA: coprolalia texting)

Sub-category of tourtext syndrome:

1. Oversext: marked by non-stop sexttics to both interested and/or offended parties.
I was falling in love with my newest Internet boyfiend/girlfriend until I realized, after our first date, that he/she has Tourtext Syndrome.

When the texts started coming in, I thought they were "normal" sexting. However, within minutes, non-stop profanity flowed into my cellphone. Six months later, I now realize that unlike other text conditions, the only cure for tourtext syndrome is to change my cell number, and I vow to never give the new number to my online lovers in the future!!! As a result of such inappropriate behavior, I was forced to break up the relationship.

UPDATE: 2 hours later: it's me again, I missed the connection with "B," so we are once again a happy couple. I actually NO longer mind Tourtext Syndrome. In fact, "B" had me at,"XxX" No ones perfect! "B's" my Mr. Darcy! <3
by BrunoNYLA September 14, 2009
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