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A chatroom tourist is any new to the room chatter or "newb" who comes in trying to troll or generally make a nuisance of themselves. Usually a person every regular chatter dislikes or trolls immediately.

Also, A chatroom tourist or tourist for short, is a new chatter who instead of being themselves takes on a fake persona to gain friends in the chat, or complains about how things normally run and tries to change them.

"Tourist" enters the room.
Reg or Regular: the chat died :(
"Tourist": chats can't die.

"Chatroom Tourist" enters the room.
Reg: ****
"Tourist": don't swear, go to church, be a christian.

Also, Someone who tries to force their beliefs on others, while not intending to ever come back to the chat...which is generally just being Annoying.
Tourist or Chatroom tourist enters the room:
Regs are playing a game(all chats have some regular daily game,..whether its riddles, random naming or association games...there's always one)
Tourist: u shuldn't play thiz game unless u r stupid or somthing.

(Tourist usually gets insulted, usually starts spamming and then gets booted)
by TheWoof March 28, 2010
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