Tourettes Text Sydrome is a severe condition of which a person has sudden urges to text random and innapropriate text messages to another.
" oh man, i reckon emma has a really bad case of Tourettes Text Syndrome.. "

"how come?"

"she just sent me a message saying 'what the f*&$ mother f$%^#@, im going to #$^^$& your ##%^&@ mother #%#$^% brothers #%^%&*@!"

"holy crapp.."

"yeah i know.."
by lhgfda February 24, 2009
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When you have zero control over the text messages that you are sending. And you continue to text with no response stating all kinds of ridiculous things to the person. Do to your inebriated state. And typically in the morning you have zero recollection of saying the things you did.
"Hi! I'm an astronaut". " You tool you are not responding to me" " You want to have intercourse.??" Still no response"??? "I hate you". "I love you". Next morning... Hi!! I appologize I have drunk text tourettes syndrome and I have zero control over what i say or do.
by oh!hi!girl January 18, 2012
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