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Totalo is an optimistic Squirtle (yes, like from Pokémon) He/she (Totalo doesn't have a gender) likes pink a lot. Like a lot. He/she thinks that they have talent when in reality it doesn't. Totalo has a best friend named Peep. And yes, it is an actual marshmallow bunny peep. Totalo has a really high pitched voice and takes improvisational dance lessons. Totalo can sometimes be very annoying (at least Peep thinks so!) Totalo auditions for gymnastics teams. But sometimes even gets in the team because of its optimism. It also auditions for choirs. Totalo usually doesn't make it, but makes a lot of friends along the way, and doesn't really care if it makes it or not because he/she is just there for the experience. Totalo likes being him/herself and doesn't care about what people think of him/her. Be good, be Totalo.
Friend A: hey did you see Emma at that audition? She NAILED IT!
Friend B: yeah she was being a total Totalo.
by @n0n¥m0u$ August 18, 2017
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