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1. A slacker who has the extraordinary ability to procrastinate the most simple of tasks and do a below average job on important assignments; usually a college student who is entering second year in college with the credits of a freshman

2. In china it is called a Szeto
3 .In Japan it is called a Kodama
4. When in presence of a jew it is refered to as a Kaufman
1. Phill: Hey Ryo! Have you studied for the bio test yet?
Respone: Oh shit! We have a bio test? I haven't gone to class or done any of the homework, you think I will be alright?
Phill: dude, your a total slacker
Ryo: shut the fuck up

2. Your a god damn Szeto you lazy son of a bitch!
3. Who the fuck do you think you are never doing any of your shit your a fucking Kodama! Your never going to graduate
4. God damn man! You never do any of your work! You’re a god damn kaufman!
by Phillip Kaufman June 13, 2006
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