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Tose me: Literally means - "Search for me"
1. A derogatory term used to express how one does not wish to disclose contact information to said person.
2. Used in a cheerful manner "Tose me" is an invitation to contact information and friendship.
3. Another way of saying good bye or peace out.
4. Google Hip Hop Hacker Slang for "The Other Search Engine Me"
5. Tose, another word for search.

Review carefully please, this is not trash. I am likewise seeking other partners, telnet:// or email.

"Tose Me" derived from as opposed to "Google Me" with the worlds #1. "The Other Search Engine Me" (TOSE)

just started the site (yesterday), have too many domains, i live online like im sure ur staff give me a break ive been busy trying to sell Zuckerberg JacketBook.* .. heh
Had a good time chillin with ya, Tose me later man!
I'm in a hurry but Tose me and I'll get back to you later!
Wow you better tose for that I want one!
Tose for whatever you want it's a great search engine!
I was tosin' on that new search engine and it played random hiphop while I was tosin' on there!
by jWinter July 03, 2011
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