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1. When a man is not able to score. Named after the famous footballer Fernando Torres during his 24 game scoring drought for Chelsea. Scoring not necessarily only related in football terms but also scoring in terms of getting girls.

2. An expensive acquisition that does not fulfill needs causing a prolonged shortage.

3. A dry tropical area, that looks like shit.
Lad 1: 'Kyle hasn't pulled a bird in months now mate, whats up with him?

Lad 2: 'I don't know mate, he's on a full on Torres drought.'

Lad 1: 'Where'd you get that iPhone from? I thought you had a Blackberry?

Lad 2: 'Yeah I did but it was doing my head in, quite expensive and it was always broken. A torres drought to my mobile needs.
by Abarsh March 21, 2012
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