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A Torrent Whore is a BitTorrent user , who is too lazy to upload his own content, so they opt to download a torrent from another user, and use those contents to create another torrent upload in their user name.

Definition (Extended):

Instead of creating their own rips, Torrent Whores merely download other people stuff, rename it and post it again as their own. It is sad, since it generates a lot of unneeded duplicates, instead of allowing larger swarms to develop around a single posting.

They are never going to give credit where it is due, since the folks who do this are trying to make themselves into bigshot uploaders without bothering to put in any real effort.
guy1: Dude, some just uploaded your comic in their name !

guy2: WTF ?! That dude is a torrent whore !
by PlayBoyMan January 14, 2009
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