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The word Torrancian refers to a small group of friends who reside in Torrancia. Members of this elite group come from all sides of Torrancia. The core members of this privileged group are:

Elijah Kang (South)
David Kang (South)
Brian Ahn (West)
Stella Ahn (West)
Heesoomania (East)
Julielookinglikeaboynamednoolee (East)
Paul Kim(West)

Some honorary members of Torrancia are:

James Choi (Los Angeles)
Regina Park (Cerritos)
Alex Kim (La Crescenta)
Heesoomania's Michelle (Los Angeles)

Work hard enough and maybe you'll make it on the list.
The Torrancians are crazy!!!
by Elijah Kang August 07, 2006
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