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A user who has been in the internet scene for nearly a decade as of today (May 8th, 2005). He

uses a consistent name throughout, thus he is easily identifiable no matter where you may look on

the internet.

Some may find offense to his witty remarks and plethora of crass and upfront sarcasm; however, this

does not phase his character in the least bit. Just like his name, he stays true to his persona,

regardless of the circumstances.

A "Jack of no trades", he holds average skills spread throughout the spectrum and he will use

whatever power he has to help others, unlike the majority of holier-than-thou administrators and

operators. It's not the size of your E-penis that counts, after all. Since Tornberry is not a

phony or a fraud, one can trust him. Don't let his childlike personality fool you.

Tornberry can be found on various message boards and on certain channels and networks on IRC,

such as

Did I mention he's really kick-ass and awesome? Don't believe me? Well, then check out his IRC


-This unbiased UrbanDictionary entry was submitted by yours truly, Tornberry.
Generic User: Tornberry, why are you so kick-ass?

Tornberry: Good question.

Tornberry: I think it's because I'm awesome.
by Tornberry June 04, 2005
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