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A man who is very good at football, when i say very good i mean great at catching the football and breaking off 20 yrd gains every rip you know! someone who is quite daper and good looking, someone with a never quit attitude or a motor thats dont stop, someone who is their for his family and his loved ones especially if that loved ones name is kayla yang, you would have to love this kayla with every love bone you have you would have to witness her first tear and be their to catch the second one you would have to be able to jump in front of a car to save her you have to be me -Toriano to love her only the way i can. there is only one me that can do so, ILOVEYOUBAE!
Aye mane did you see him snag he look like Toriano out there!
man, he would do anything for his family just like he was a Toriano

Aye gurl look how that man treatin kayla gurl i need some man like that something like a Toriano, Kayla sure is lucky she got a toriano in her life.
by TORO_MANE! May 23, 2011
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