The next step beyond turbo douche. Just like top fuel dragsters are the fastest cars around, a Top Fuel Douchester is the douchiest around. But in addition to being an incredible douchebag, a Top Fuel Douchester also has hipster traits, hence the "-ster" ending. Top Fuel Douchesters are often found near far-left political/environmental rallies, Whole Foods Markets, liberal arts colleges, and in Southern California. They can easily be identified from the other douchebags and losers in these locations by their hipster attire.
-The Top Fuel Douchester behind me on the train was loudly telling the person next to him about his political views.

-My cousin lives in Massachusetts. He voted for the Green Rainbow Party in the primaries. He also wears ridiculous glasses and T-shirts with bands I've never hear of on them. He is a Top Fuel Douchester.
by MuzzyFromDanviz1 February 24, 2011
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The highest grade of cannabis,weed , flower, marijuana,Mota.
That bubba Kush is top fuel.
Smoke walks into a dispensary and ask the bud tender , "what's the best top fuel you have today"?
by Human Being 3 July 18, 2021
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