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A typical mink from Aberdeen or "Aiberdeen min".
With phrases such as - "F'like min, far aboots ye bidin noo like? Gaa'in ti Liquid the nicht min, we'll tak sim chats n ah"
Dead end/No job,
Rockport boots or rubbish trainers,
Berghaus jacket,
Stripey jumper,
Some form of silly writing tattooed on their lower arm,
Hair gelled flat with a horrible lookin fringe (although a lot are now going for the spiky pretty boy look),
Extremely wide when they're not actually hard in the slightest.

No job,
Chain smoker,
Pale skin and skinny from too many 'chats',
Became a mother at 13,
Bleached hair and big fake gold ear-rings,
Sovereign ring,
Usually have a bigger & uglier toonser boyfriend who thinks he's a football casual,
Berghaus jacket.
by Stoney Loon August 08, 2006
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