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Toolmate is the word used to describe a roommate who is a giant tool (usually in college). A toolmate will have no opinion of there own but will say shit that they deem as cool but will generally be very poorly received by an audience. They often give off a good first impression but after around a week they begin to show how much of a tool they really are and they drive people insane.
Example 1.

Toolmate: how many of you guys are going to be cock sucking mother fuckers and bow down to that frat instead of driving me to walmart.

Large group of people: .........

Example 2.

Toolmate: dude can i borrow your car i want to take a girl downtown.

roommate of toolmate: uhhh can you drive stick?

toolmate: yeah i can drive stick, dude my first car was a stick shift.

roommate of toolmate: yeah didnt you total that car?

toolmate: yeah dude. your point?

roommate of toolmate: i think that im going to have to pass on letting you borrow my car.

toolmate: OK dude be lame.
by roommate of toolmate August 29, 2009
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