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A group of the coolest kids known to man. They all get together to circle jerk over atheism and politics among other ventures. They all love the P as well
Cole must be a member of Tool Squad because COLE LIKES WEINER
by McdouchebagTheThird December 10, 2012
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Singular: tool squadee

a group of douchebags, swagfags, or other forms of assholes. Most commonly appearing in high schools and middle schools. Members can be distinguished by usually wearing polo shirts, chubbies, athletic shorts, long socks, and expensive sneakers. Often treat other people like crap, listen to hip hop music in an attempt to appear cooler, and are far-right Republican. Many tool squadees are spoiled and used to getting whatever they want from their rich parents, and are almost always white.

The only things that they talk about are athletics (specifically lacrosse), pointless social matters, and how "hard" their life is.
Bob: So then I said-

John: Look out, Tool Squad up ahead.

(Both swerve to avoid the mass of concentrated douchebaggery.)

Bob: *whew* That was close.

Tool Squad Member #1: My parents won't get me the new iPhone, my life is so hard.

Tool Squad Member #2: Are you coming to lacrosse practice tonight?
by ainm-cleite October 28, 2014
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