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A gesture made by clenching both fists, extending the left and right pinky together simultaneously, and placing the fists side-by-side, resulting in an exaggerated form of the traditional "horn hand"/rock hand signal. Often done to convey a sense of irony.
"Duuuude! That Darkness album is frickkin' sweet... it was TOO MUCH ROCK FOR ONE HAND!"
by campfirewood October 04, 2004
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The traditional "rock hand" symbol (invented by KISS supposedly), but with a slightly homosexual twist. The sign is made by putting the middle, index, and ring fingers under the thumb of that hand. Then the end pinkeys are extended to their height. Fortunately, this signal is most often used in a mocking way to make fun of over-zealous rock fanatics. The traditoinal rock hand looks better (along with a head bang) so keep rocking.
Dude this rock show rocks! It rocks like so rockin much that i just gotta rock it with both my rockin hands, man, cuz like, its too much rock for one hand! ROCKIN! (makes said gayass symbol)
by MJ Kip March 07, 2006
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