The state of feeling way too high on cannabis. When all you can do is laugh without being able to breathe. In your mind you say you are going to die because you can barely inhale, while you exhale with laughter.

When it takes all of your brain power to remember what you were trying to remember and why you were trying to remember it in the first place.

When your body tells you its full, but you keep shoving chips/cookies down your throat anyway.

After you survive this moment, you want to go and toke some more and experience it all over again.

This experience can be achieved by: Gravity Bong, Vaporizer, Bubbler, Blunt(Depending on potency) etc.
Stoner:"Hahahaha, Dude! I can't stop laughing!!! Hahahaha"
Pothead:"Hahaha, Me neither,Hahaha, isn't it great???"
Pothead: "HAHAHA"
Stoner: "We're Too Loaded!"

2 min later...

Stoner and Pothead literally die of laughter.
by CoolGuy104 January 30, 2011