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Tonka trash is a term used in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. The term is used to describe a person between the ages of 21 and 35, who was raised on or around lake Minnetonka, and has yet to achieve anything on their own merit. They are simply working a menial job and biding their time until their parents either die or leave them their childhood home, to live in or sell at a huge profit.

Tonka trash are normally raised with a silver spoon, and have no motivation to accomplish anything but getting wasted at big Island any chance they get.
I can't beleive Suan works at the gas station, he had every chance to make somthing of himself, he truely is Tonka Trash.
by dabigsweede August 24, 2009
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People raised on or around Lake Minnetonka, who had every opportunity to accomplish at least something in there lives, but are either simply too lazy or stupid to do so.

Many of these people were born with a silver spoon and are spoiled brats.
Most Tonka Trash can be found in Exelsior Minnesota at either Bayside or Maynards embibing copiouse amounts of cheap beer and screwing the same people they screwed in high school. If not in exelsior Tonka trash can be found at Big Island doing the same thing they do in Exelsior except in piss rich waters.
dude did you see that guy stumbling back there, he is truely tonka trash
by dabigsweede August 24, 2009
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