The sweetest badass on riverdale. Cotton candy pink hair and a serpent’s jack are her style. The “oni” in ch”oni”
Your sensational- toni topaz
by justherefortoni August 26, 2018
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Toni Topaz is a 17 year old character from a TV show called Riverdale. Toni Topaz is Bisexual and is dating Cheryl Blossom who is a lesbian. In season 2 she was introduced as Jughead Jones helper who would show him around Southside High School. Toni Topaz is now living in Cheryl Blossoms house with her.
Hi I'm Toni Topaz the bartender at Southside's white wrym and who is also dating the HBIC Cheryl Blossom.
by Boss_bella1738 January 08, 2019
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The most beautiful gay girl in riverdale and the bravest of them all. She takes no bullshit and she's always on her friends side.

Girlfriend: Cheryl Blossom
Parents: Unknown
Ohh shit they are coming get Toni Topaz NOW!!
by May 17, 2018
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