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A person who is too awesome for his own good. Since he can sometimes overload with such pure and complete awesomeness, he will occasionally shed it off onto the people around him, thus changing their luck for the better. It has also have been a stated fact that his awesomeness is also the cure to cancer, type 2 diabetes, AIDs/HIVs, and hepatitis A... See More, B, AND C. It is also a fact that by being around Tomosus can pose a major heath risk. The reason: Ubergraitnesoverdoz (pronounced: "Uber-Greatness-Overdose") Radiation, otherwise known as "the Completely Awesome form of Radiation". It can cause you to blush, stutter for words, forget what you were talking about, tight and/or aching muscles, and laugh at jokes that weren't even funny. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you may have been effected by Ubergraitnesoverdoz Radiation, and experts stresses the importance of consulting with your pillow.
And he is also known to be directly related to Chuck Norris.
1: "Man, I have cancer!"

"Hey, don't worry, just tomosu it out!"

2: "Dude, that joke wasn't even funny, so why did I laugh?"

"Don't worry, you probably only have a tomosu sense of humor"
by Infected with tomosu February 13, 2010
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