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Where did you come from
Got to be some exotic place pass the sun
To be such a supreme being of femininity
You are blessed by GOD'S creativity
That is what you have to be
A dream that became reality
Eyes that create miracles of light
My soul was so dark you made it bright
It was love at first sight
Smile brighter than the fullest of moons
Made the flowers of my heart open to full bloom
Love blossomed inside of me
I was a slave for depression, but, you set me free
Skin smooth as caramel silk
Kisses sweeter than butterscotch milk
Body more amazing than the milky way
Hypnotic lips that make a man do whatever you say
I long and love to be with her every single day
She is a daughter, friend, sister and Mother
These titles she wear like no other
There is only one...
Tommeya possess a breathtaking smile!!

I Love Tommeya.

Please, do not piss Tommeya off.
by tzdon May 11, 2014
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