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A Tomboland is a subspecies of troll, and may in fact be a distant relative to the Spiderus genum, but they are not nearly as entertaining. Whether or not a wild Tomboland is self aware of its troll like niche on the message board is still up for much debate (see: scientific). Tombolands have absolutely zero concept of grammar, and the longer they participate in a thread, the more their social and cognitive skills tend to degenerate. Tombolands usually hail from England, and have been known to try and spew about how the Queen spells words better than any Yank, an unfortunate side effect of never having been taught about the Revolutionary War in history class. Though this should not surprise anybody, as evidence suggests that Tombolands never really learned much outside of basic speech. Once a Tomobland engages in conversation, they will not stop egging on the rest of the board, creating a sort of black hole effect around the topic the sub-troll has decided to leach upon. As more people view the thread, the probability of flame war, closing, or just outright chaos approaches 1. If a Tomboland is sighted, one should report it immediately in order to prevent mass panic and just outright retardedness.
Somebody: "Dude, how are you?"
Tomboland: "No, how IS you?"
Somebody else: "Da fuck?"
Tomboland: "Shutup guyz, gut buck en topic!"
Somebody else: "Your grammar BLOWS!"
Tomboland: "Ur da wun caring on, lulz,"
Somebody: "My god..."
Somebody 3: "Still not Spiderus"
Tomboland: "Huhwhut is you talked about?"
Leonidas: "Madness..."
by Josue Guerra May 09, 2009
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