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A code/alert meaning to lock you bathrooms from the outside and grab a bowl to poop and pee in and head to a closet. Toliet attacks happen when a angry, blood thirsty toliet becomes loose. You know if you toliet is mad if it shows sign of mocking, begging, or singing the song "Blood Bath". Toliet attacks need to be taken very seriously.
News Reporter:Toliet Attack Alert! A toliet is on the loose! Lock you bathroom doors and get into a safe area!

Secretly Infected Toliet: Come on please sit on me!
Person in Bathroom: No, I don't have to go!
Toliet: So, it couldn't hurt!
Person: No, why don't you just shut up!
Toliet (mockingly): No, why don't you just shut up!
Person: That's it, I'm leaving.
Toliet: No, stay!Um..(hesitates) Blood Bath! Blood Bath! AHHHH!
Peron: Oh my gosh, I'm calling the KTJL!What was that number again?
by Killer Toilet Justice League January 30, 2010
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