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1) A type of shit you can take, that smells like foul, sewage water, typically begotten from eating slightly fermented Chinese food. Named after a mentally psychotic doctor in Toledo who has actually committed vehicular homicide and was acquitted with the help of his hospital, so that he was free to commit battery against his wife and daughters (leading to an arrest).

2) A really shitty day.
1) Damn, don't use the first stall, I just took a massive ToledoCherianVarghese. It smells awful! It has nuts, bok choi, and corn coming out of it and smells awful!

2) Man, today really sucked. Work was awful and was overall a big, smelly, rancid, fuming ToledoDrCherianVarghese.
by Tr0llMeister November 11, 2018
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