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a conflict lasting from 1835–1836

Due to the lack of satellite images and other modern technologies, state lines used to be very difficult to distinguish based on maps and geography. The Michigan and Ohio land claims overlapped slightly in a 468 sq. mile area called the Toledo Strip. The two were poised to go to war over this area of land (though the only casualty was a minor wound from a penknife), and it was only the fact that Michigan was not yet a state that kept the dispute from more bloodshed.

An agreement was reached; Michigan would cede the Toledo Strip to Ohio in exchange for statehood and the Upper Peninsula (at the time thought to be a useless bit of woodland). The Upper Peninsula was likely to have been given to Wisconsin, but it was not until 1841 that the rich copper deposits in the U.P. were discovered.
Historians, while unable to agree on which state won the Toledo War, unanimously agree that it was the state of Wisconsin which lost.
by k3arns_ July 04, 2017
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