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One of the more ancient names in Armenian history. Very rare. A Tokmakyan, (also referred to as Tokhmakhyan, Tokmakian, or Tokhmakhian), shows qualities such as trustworthiness, intelligence, and respect. Very wise indeed. A Tokmakyan will never leave your side, unless you give him/her a good reason to. These people are very powerful. They are good persuaders, and can often change the mood of a setting just by appearing. Never try to change a Tokmakyan. If you do, you'll just about regret it.
Look at that person! What a kind man. He must be a Tokmakyan...

This Tokmakyan here is probably the smartest and wisest person I know.

My fellow Armenian! How's my Tokmakyan doing?
by Let's Go Brow Down December 30, 2011
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