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this is the girl in every group of friends that nobodies really sure whose friend she is, or who called her out, but is mysteriously always around at parties bars clubs and any general weekend get together. this chick is morbidly obese by medical definition wich is a minimum of 50 pounds overweight. She for some reason acts like she is sexy and is overly flirtatious with the known single guys in the group, and typically makes obscene and unwelcome comments such as: you can touch my breasts, ill go down, do you want a backrub, you know you like it, and i love penis. She is also usually very grabby. to add insult to injury this girl is almost always painfully unattractive.
Friend:Omg who is that girl she just grabbed my ass, i feel so violated.

Me: oh thats the token fat chick.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
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