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A token black friend is the only African-American in a group of white people. Being the token black friend is similar to being an Oreo, white on the inside yet black on the outside, which is why white people love their token black friend. The token black friend is relatable to them and they feel safe around him or her.
Group of white people: we need more diversity in the group!
A different white guy: how about we get a token black friend. James over there seems pretty cool!

James: yeah I guess id be down.
by Black magic January 01, 2016
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In reference to the only african american in a group of friends.
similar phrases
token white friend
token asian friend get the point
(Brad) Hi Stephani
(Stephani) Hello Brad whose this?
(Brad) oh Im sorry this is my buddy DeShawn
(Deshawn) Whatsup girl!

....DeShawn is the token black friend

by Asian chick, July 31, 2007
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