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The act of getting high, not before, not after, but while playing and or ranking in online MMORPG games.

The term was coined one night in 2009 by MafiaMatrix players. Intoxicated player was then tricked into thinking a war had erupted over IRC. While the initial lesson was "do not toke and tank", the hilarity of the intoxicated player thinking he was going to die made toking and tanking completely acceptable.

Now commonly used among some players, it is often said that toking and tanking is the only way to go. While some disagree, it can't be denied that when one is toking and tanking, everyone gets a contact high.
Player 1: I'ma stay up all night, toke, then tank.
Player 2: toke AND tank. da fuck is this toking THEN tanking?
by V_ronica July 16, 2011
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