When someone is so concerned about toilet seat germs, they cover the seat with half a roll of toilet paper, leaving it to appear like it has been mummified.
"I was going to use that stall to drop a deuce, but somebody left it looking like a toilet mummy."
by naterooni July 23, 2008
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When you're at a party with kids or teenagers, and someone gets the bright idea to wrap someone up completely in toilet paper. The victim, willingly or unwillingly, stands with their arms at their sides amd legs together as they are wrapped from head to toe, resembling a mummy. This also can occur at children's party games and can happen with plastic wrap or duct tape in place of toilet tissue.
"Hey, I've got an idea—let's make you into a toilet paper mummy!"
"A what now?"
"We'll wrap you up in toilet paper! It'll be fun!"
by Huehuehue321 June 19, 2017
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