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Right Winger for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, but more commonly known as an act of drinking two beers at one time, also known as double-fisting....fisting, tee hee.
Damn, you should have seen Brandon last night. That idiot puked in my fish tank because he was pulling a Todd Bertuzzi all night.
by Rhode Island Sam November 05, 2007
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a. The best hockey power forward in the world during the 02-03 season when he got 97 this time he played with the canucks He played on the Canadian olympic team this year and made them lose because of a stupid penalty.
b. The guy who destroyed Steve moore see pussy after moore hit naslund with a cheap shot and gave him a concussion, moore is now suing him after bertuzzi was suspeded for 20 games
c. The worst player on the vancouver canucks last year and was traded to Florida for Luongo in which the canucks will now win the stanley cup
Bertuzzi sucks
Did you see beruzzi hit steve moore?!

Luongo is god
Todd bertuzzi
by hutchinso222 July 23, 2006
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