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A term used in Scotland for a gentleman's magazine of the genre published in the past by the likes of Paul Raymond or the current owners of West Ham FC, David Sullivan and David Gold (example publications: Escort, Razzle, Club International, Men Only, Whitehouse, Parade). The type of journal referred to by the Beastie Boys when they said "Now your mom threw away your best porno mag".

Typically and equally distributed in the 1970s and 1980s through John Menzies newsagents and apparent random but liberal dispersal under park hedgerows or under fathers' beds, where they would be found by small boys as some kind of heirloom.
Overheard on a Scottish school bus circa 1985: "Hey, geez a swatch at that tod mag! Is that Club or Mayfair?"
by Mr Santos March 22, 2017
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