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One of the main antagonists in the Swedish fantasy novel "Månskugga" (Moonshadow) by N. Brandin. Tocr'an is a ridiculously large Dark Elf, wielding two giant Nameblades called Furin and Anwa (The Lie and The Truth). He is the leader of the Assassins Guild "The Invisibles" together with his older brother, Naztor Shadowblade, who is the other main antagonist in the novel.

One of Tocr'an's two sons, Faidil Shadowblade, is killed by the protagonist of the novel, Radon Moonshadow, a rogue Dark Elf who has turned his back on his people. This leads to Tocr'an's enormous hate towards Radon, and eventually leads to a showdown between the two warriors, resulting in them both being brutally scarred, but neither dead. Tocr'an has sworn to exact revenge, but another opportunity has not come.

Tocr'an is rumored to reappear in the coming short-story "Naztor Shadowblade", featuring his brother.
Darkesh: You bastard! You killed Marck!
Tocr'an Shadowblade: Your problem, not mine.

Shin: You don't run...You're not like the rest of them.
Tocr'an: I'm not like any other man. Besides, anyone cowardly enough to run from a weak human, does not deserve the privilege of having legs.
by Kim Strandberg November 17, 2006
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