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To reach a level of intoxication where memory is lost of any event which occurred that night...leading you to believe that the only way the event was possible is if a ghost was there in place of you.

A lower level of being McGhosted is to be "toasted" or "semi-ghosted."

See also: ghosting, McGhosting, toasting McGhosting, toasty McGhosty

Pronunciation: meh-ghost or mah-ghost
"How did you forget about that? Everybody was doing it..You must have been toast McGhost."

"I just got fired from my job today...tonight..I'm getting toast McGhost."

"Tonight we're getting McGhosted."

"You're toast..but I don't think you're at McGhost status yet."

"Wow, you're already ghosting after two shots?"

"OK, time to stop for a while..You're looking toasty McGhosty."
by stay bEastly my friends. August 16, 2009
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