In order to pull a chrissie one must:
1. wear any type of clothing that is close to nothing
2. wear bright colors with sequins and sparkles, like a male ice skater- so it is important to look extra gay
3. have sex with as many UGLY men as possible, while dating others
4. Annoy the FUCK out of your friends
5. Get some type of plastic surgery (i.e. artificial "beauty" enhancement)
6. Wear bright colored brazilian shoes, that dont match your clothes
7. Pretend your a badass and tell people you want many piercings, then cry when u get your ears pierced
"Yo, nothin u wear matches bitch, and your so ugly today,a nd u got a nose job and yeah"
"Damn, i must be pulling a chrissie"
by BITCHIN April 16, 2004
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liking all or most of someone's instagram pictures in order to get their attention
"josh was totally pulling a chrissy last night just to have an excuse to talk to evelynn"
by Jopie January 28, 2016
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