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Noobs from Oslo in Norway. They practice running every day, but usually only for around 20 minutes. Normally a tjalver is also a truffer (see UD). All Tjalvers eat a lot of food after training, and as a result of this, they usually become a little bit chubby by time, but still they are lovely and sweet. They tend to increase their weight dramatically during weekends and holidays. They also think they are cool and that they run fast, but sadly the fact is right the opposite.

At friday nights they sometimes gather to eat lasagne and enjoy theirselves. Between tjalver's there is usually also a lot of romance, and kids can be made.
Ex. 1
- Hi man, when will you be finished training?
- Oh you know, it won't be long, maybe 20 mins.

- Haha, I knew you were a fucking tjalver.

Ex. 2
- What will you be doing friday night?
- Don't know, but sadly I don't think I can go out with you guys.

- Wtf? You mean you are a tjalver?
by birger123 January 31, 2012
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