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An amazing girl you'll ever meet. The uniqueness of her name is what describes her. People who don't know much about her finds her mysterious. She has a sense of style that's her own. Her beauty is just like a goddess. With a kind caring heart that a special guy will never leave her side. Tiyonna values friendships , but you better think twice before crossing her. She enjoys drawing and dancing which makes her so amazing. That girl who's sitting quietly in a room full of people, the one that no one notices; even if she tries. She's always that single girl in the crowd, but eventually that one guy will notice her beauty that stands out from the rest. So sweet, beautiful, smart, and sexy. Feisty when she needs to be and that's what makes her unique. She's just wifey material and she hopes to find that one she can spend her life with. Tiyonna is a mature, strong woman, even when life gets bad, she turns off the world and plays some music. When things gets under her skin, music makes everything better. Tiyonna is the most beautiful person ever known.
That girl is so Tiyonna !
by Pink_rose March 13, 2017
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