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Tittymama: n. - One who's knowing of the connection of the Titty Tribe; (2) a member of the Titty Tribe; (3) a being of untold holy power in the workings of the inner-soul.

Titty Tribe members are remote to find, and many individuals falsely claim to be associted. One who calls themselves a Tittymama is generally in no way related to the Titty Tribe. Be weary when seeking out a Tittymama, for they are powerful and spontaneous, and can knock one on their arse.
(1) "I've never ran into a Tittymama!"

- "Dude, I met one on the interwebs."


(2) *in a somber K-6th grade classroom* "Now, children, if you ever run into a Tittymama, do not stop and chat. They are dangerous."

(3) "I wish I could be a Tittymama..."

- "Me too, that's my life dream."
by Pure Reality February 04, 2014
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A woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, so-called because of her pendulous, lactiferous breasts.

Etymology: Ghetto-speak, circa 1970
"Florine ready to drop that trick baby of her," Tyrone ragged. "Shee-it. At least she'll get a bounce in her check. A bounce from the bouncin' lil' bastard."

"That Flo one helluva titty mama," J.J. said smacking his big ass nigger lips.

-- Bigger Vance II, "The Slum Lord Takes a Holiday" (L.A.: Holloway House, 1969)
by Twathenge April 15, 2006
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