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Often said at random during a conversation. The word doesn't have to have much revelance to the situation at hand. The word originates from Calvin Harris' Human Synthesizer. This is an extraordinary instrument that made human skin the medium for expressing the notes of a song, instead of a normal instrument. This experiment used many bikini models mostly used as eyecandy to make the instrument catch people's attention. Instead of being called a Human Synthesizer it is sometimes called a "Titsynthesizer". The Human Synthesizer is hailed as an incredible invention and it's secondary name "Titsynthesiser" is brought up just to emphasize it's greatness whether it is relevant or not.

A video of it can be found on youtube.
Person 1: "So what are we going to do tonight? Restaurant? Cinema? Gig? Personally I think we should - "

Person 2: "Titsynthesizer."
by Bitchkey August 22, 2009
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