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A term that goes beyond sismance (the female version of a bromance).

In a titmance, the sismance has gone so far that it now involves the sharing and caring of each others sexual thoughts.

Titmance can also result in 2 women acting to each other in a sexual way (usually once).

This does not make it lesbian but more of a "nohomo" sexual relationship.

Therefore a titmance usually occurs between 2 women before they agree on having a threesome with another man.

In a situation like this, they are not lesbian but simply have a titmance while having a fun time.

Please note though that titmance is not applicable when 2 (or more) women continously share sexual experiences between themselves. Thats just a lesbian relationship.
Example 1:

Linda: OMG Stella! You won't believe this! Last night my boyfriend told me he would like to have a threesome!?

Stella: So what did you tell him?

Linda: That I wasn't sure, like, who do you ask for something like that? Should you know her or not?

Stella: A woman, are you a lesbian?

Linda: No!! It's just a titmance for the threesome.

Example 2:

Harry: Dude! I just had a threesome with my girlfriend and her best friend!

Peter: Nice man! Wait, does that mean your girl likes other girls?

Harry: No dude! She just has a titmance with her!

Peter: Oooh! Nice! Dude you are so lucky!
Example 3:

Lea: Ann, what is your most favorite place to be touched? you know.. sexually?

Ann: Uhm, I don't know really.. Why do you want to know that while I'm sleeping over?

Lea: Well I just wondered you know, if its the same for other girls or that some things are just my own. I would also like to know more about what I really like.

Ann: So you can ask your boyfriend to do it?

Lea: Yeah.. So will you help me?

Ann: Okay, I'll show you.. But only because we have a titmance.
by Urban W0rd Creat3r August 11, 2011
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