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A lesbian who was married into a MOM (multiple orientation marriage) to one man for at least 10 years due to family, or social pressure but has returned permanently to her true sexual orientation.

Unlike platinum, gold, and silver metals which are soft and "pure"... Titanium, one of the strongest metals and having one of the highest melting points is reserved for those that, yes, making the mistake of giving into family and or social pressure to marry into a heterosexual marriage, return to their true sexual orientation and stay true the rest of their lives.

Often, many titanium stars are very emotionally strong due to having endured a MOM, divorce and reestablishment into the LGBT community.

A title of honor.
Cindy's gay?! She was married to Danny for 12 years! What is she bisexual or something?

Friend: no, she's a Titanium star Lesbian
by Furbabymomma May 25, 2016
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