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n. a strange, curious man-child. his appearance resembles that of the offspring that may occur from a Mexican & a prosimian making the sex with one another. he maintains an odd intellect that includes a well rounded knowledge of computers, firearms, cameras, movie films and techno music, among other hobbies & topics. he is extremely friendly but can also be a bit touchy-feely so a learned distance in social situations comes in useful. however, the Tirko is unrivaled in his loyalty to others and can be a true companion for life.

his behavior is typically marked by inappropriate comments, often sexual or violent in content, and can be seen climbing edifices and/or rocks in nature while stoned.
ie: Shu: whoa, did you see that Mexican Monkey climbing that Barnes & Noble yelling out obscenities and taking pictures while blasting techno music?!

Head: yea, what on God's green earth was that?

Shu: shhhh, i think it was the Tirko. if we're quiet, he wont molest us.
by shuski December 16, 2009
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