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-Word from a Filipino ethnic language 'Ifugao' used by the locals living in the Cordillera Mountains, Philippines.

-It means 'Putang Ina', 'Tang ina', 'Gago', etc. in Tagalog. Translated in English it means: 'Son of a Bitch', 'Bitch', 'Fuck You', 'Asshole' - All in one word!

-It is referred as the highest curse word of the Ifugao language. Most people of the provinces of Cordillera would not use the word unnecessarily unless when they are under the influence of alcohol (which is most of the time), have mental disorders (people who suddenly and often spoke of this word without any good reason), provoked, or much pissed off.
Tirim! He stole my mother fuckin' money!
by J. Paul June 13, 2010
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